Painting a Panel Door

Below you will see a video on how to paint a panel door from Crown Paints. We have a few more tips to expand on the excellent video and make it easier for you at the end of the video.

  • Remember to wedge door open. You can use a wooden or rubber wedge or you can even use a rolled up newspaper. If using a wooden wedge be careful not to kick it out afterwards as this can split the bottom edge of the door.
  • Put cardboard, newspapers or even some lining paper under the door to protect floor or carpet.
  • If possible remove all handles, locks and other fittings (obviously, except hinges) from the door as this will make painting easier. When you remove handles and locks dust behind thoroughly and blow out the dust from the lock cavity as this can easily end up in your paint. Also watch for new doors having sawdust in the lock cavity.
  • Recomended brushes are 1 x 1″ (25mm) and 1 x 2″(50mm), optionally you can also have a 3″(75mm).
  • Keep checking back for runs, especially with gloss paint. The most likely places for runs to develop are the bottom corners of panels and across the top moulding of panels.
  • Check build-up of paint in the corners of panels by dabbing with the tips of the brush bristles (like the action of vey gently throwing a dart, but obviously much gentler.
  • Always try and remove runs by using an upward motion of the brush but where there is a marked cross grain, leave off in the direction of the grain.

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