Some access equipment advice

For most interior painting you will seldom need more than a good set of stepladders with a platform at the top and a handle to hold. The platform is intended as somewhere to put your paint pot rather than a place on which to stand.

You may need longer ladders when working in a stairwell and the extension ladders or access tower, mentioned shortly, may be required. ALWAYS use stepladders fully opened and with all four feet firmly on the floor. Never lean unopened ladders against a wall or other prop.

For outside work, you will need longer ladders to reach up to eaves level and extension ladders will serve the purpose. Make sure that they are always set on firm ground, cannot slip or slide on wet ground, and are ideally secured at the
top to an eave hooks, for added security.

Scaffold or access towers allow far greater freedom of movement and are safer than ladders, since you stand on a platform some 1200mm wide and have space to move and lay out working materials. Safety precautions must still be taken to ensure the stability of the tower but in practice, they are safer and more adaptable than ladders. Towers with base dimensions of about 1200 x 600mm can also be used very conveniently indoors when decorating stairwells for example. Wickes stock

An access accessory is a length of rope! When working up a ladder or scaffold tower, it is far easier to haul up your working tools and even the paint in a bucket on the end of a rope rather than trying to carry it all up in one hand whilst
the other hand holds the ladder.